Did you know:?

  • Catholicism was once outlawed in several states.

  • The “Manson Family,” lived on a Hollywood movie set. The set was a Wild West town.

  • Every refrigerator that gets recycled is the Co2 equivalent of taking a car off the road for 2 years.

  • Together the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps planted over two billion trees and founded over 300 State and National Parks.

  • Kim Jong Il was the largest single customer of Hennessy Cognac in the world.

  • FOX News & MSNBC were both founded in 1996, months before the election.

           According to Netflix I’ve watched more than 500 Documentaries!

          Too bad I didn’t think to start writing reviews of them until now. I will rewatch many of those 500 but I doubt I’ll ever get around to rewatching all of them. Some of them weren’t worth my time to begin with. I’ve scored the reviews on a scale of 100. The perfect documentary would receive 100, don’t hold your breath for that. Scores are based on Reliability, Entertainment, Objectivity, and Organization.